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June 3, 2016

Budget Update - 2015-2016 Year Finances

The 2015-16 school year finances are projected to end with $195M in revenue as compared to $184M in expenses. The difference of $11.0M combined with increased revenue for 2016-17 from enrollment and state funding will be used to offset increased operating costs for the upcoming school year.  The 2016-17 budget is expected to come in at over $200M. Some projected cost increases for next year are listed below.  Staffing costs include employer paid benefit costs.

  • Elementary Teaching Staff $1.5M – Add 21 teaching positions for growth and reducing class size.
  • Elementary Assistant Principals /Deans $550K – Add positions at remaining five elementary schools.
  • High School Teaching Staff $325K – Add 4.50 teaching positions.
  • Sage Crest Elementary $3.1M – Teaching staff and all other building support staff plus operational costs for utilities.
  • Chinook Middle School $2.1M – Includes net increase of 14.50 district wide middle school teaching positions that are the result of opening Chinook. Also includes other costs for building support staff and costs for building utilities.  
  • Special Education $1.0M – Addition of 6.00 certificated staff. Additional para and classified licensed practical nurse (LPN) positions.
  • Classified Staff $250K – Addition of 4.0 new positions to address added workload in maintenance, custodial, and public relations.
  • Transportation $250K – Additional bus driver positions associated with routes for new schools, and one new mechanic position.
  • Cost of Living & Employer Paid Benefit Costs $2.0M – Reflects state 1.8% cost of living increase and cost of employer paid benefits on that increase.    
  • Communities In Schools (CIS) $200K – Adding CIS program at Amistad, Eastgate, Westgate, and Highlands. Program was started at Edison and Legacy/Phoenix this school year with positive results. The program provides a site coordinator employed through CIS, who connects at risk students to local community programs and resources. The program is in schools nationwide with a focus on dropout prevention and improving attendance, academic achievement, and attitude with at risk student populations. 
  • Other Non-Staff Cost Increases $600K – General cost increases for district utilities, liability insurance, and operations. 
  • KEA Bargaining Contract $??-  A significant cost increase planned for 2016-17 as a result of changes in the KEA bargaining contract.
  • Community Eligibility Provision – No Cost- Federal Free Breakfast and Lunch Program – This program allows school districts to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students at a school or group of schools depending on the number of free and reduced students and other factors. The board approved putting this program in place for 2016-17 at Edison, Westgate, and Highlands. Again, there is no additional cost to the district to implement this program.

The 2016-17 budget is scheduled for presentation to the board for approval on June 22.

Vic Roberts
Director of Business Operations