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UPDATE February 10, 2016

In December, 2015 Congress passed and the President signed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). ESSA eliminates the "Highly Qualified Teacher" provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act.

Any teacher hired from this date forward no longer needs to meet the requirements below.

Highly Qualified 

Kennewick School District is responsible for identifying and documenting highly qualified teachers. Teachers who are new to the state or job assignment should contact the human resources department of their school district for assistance in determining their status as a highly qualified teacher.

Elementary Education (only one bulleted document is required to verify status)

  • WEST-E Exam Scores (Tests 005 and 006)
  • Evidence entered into OSPI HQ Tool by your previous school district (you will have to request)
  • Praxis Test Scores (Test 014) accepted for Elementary Education endorsement issued prior to 9/1/09.

Math, Science, History, Geography, Civics/Government, Economics, Foreign Language, Reading, English/Language Arts, Music, Visual Arts, Dance, Theatre (only one bulleted document per core subject is required to verify status)

  • Washington subject area endorsement (as documented on teaching certificate).
  • Transcript documenting academic major.
  • Transcript documenting graduate degree.
  • Evidence entered into OSPI HQ Tool by your previous school district (you will have to request).
  • WEST-E Exam Scores (View¬†specific test numbers).
  • Praxis Test Scores accepted for specific core endorsement issued prior to 9/1/09 (must be Praxis Test specified in Washington guidelines).

For more information regarding highly qualified requirements please visit the OSPI website.


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Department Contacts

Doug Christensen
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
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Classified Human Resources Manager
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Certificated Secretary
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Amy Martinez
Secretary Classified
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Human Resources Specialist
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Rhonda Elvbakken
Certified Human Resources Assistant
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Levi Martin
Human Resources Specialist
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Kim Gough
Classified Substitute Dispatcher
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Margie Hutchings
Certificated Substitute Dispatcher
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Bronson Brown
In-House Attorney
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Kathy Littrell
Human Resources Secretary
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Jenny Sontag
Human Resources Support/Data Support Specialist
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