Assessment and Testing

Measuring student progress and achievement

Student assessment in the Kennewick School District provides clear, meaningful, and balanced information about student learning. Assessment serves the needs of students, teachers, parents, administrators, and the community by:

  • Showing student progress toward meeting Washington State K-12 Learning Standards.
  • Guiding district and classroom improvement efforts.
  • Clarifying what students are expected to know and be able to do.

District Assessments

The Measurements of Academic Progress (MAP) test is used by the district to measure learning in reading and mathematics and guide classroom instruction. All students in Grades 2-9 are tested in the fall and again in the spring to measure growth. At some schools, students in Grades K & 1 are also tested.

State Assessments

State assessments are used to show families their children are progressing toward college and career readiness and that the district's curriculum is effectively teaching the state's learning standards. State testing is required by state and federal law and a graduation requirement.

Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA)
The Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) is the state assessment in math and English language arts. Students in Grades 3-8 and Grade 10 will take the SBA in math and English language arts. Most students in Grade 11 will also take the SBA in math. Tests are usually taken between mid-March and early June. Students are not timed, and the test is taken online.

If you do not want your child to take the SBA, please contact your child’s school principal for a Refusal to Test form.

Learn how you can help you child prepare for the SBA.

Testing of English language learners
The ELPA21 Screener and ELPA21 Annual Test are used to determine eligibility for English language development services and measure a child's English language knowledge and skills. 

Testing of kindergartners
The Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (WaKIDS) assessment is a process for welcoming children and their families to kindergarten, assessing each child's strengths, discussing the characteristics of children’s development, and learning what will enable them to be successful in school.

Testing for students receiving special education services
Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams determine how each student in special education participates in state testing. 

Learn more about testing requirements for students receiving special education services (OSPI).

Program Contacts

Lori Butler
Director of Assessment and Professional Development
(509) 222-6593