Career and Technical Education

Preparing students for careers

Kennewick School District offers Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses in the three high schools and a limited number of offerings in the middle schools.

CTE is a planned program of courses and learning experiences that begins with exploration of career options, supports basic academic and life skills, and enables achievement of high academic standards, leadership, preparation for industry-defined work, and advanced and continuing education.

Students in CTE courses have an opportunity to explore courses within their educational pathway and to prepare for their future careers. Career and Technical Education courses and programs provide secondary students with the motivation to achieve high academic and industry standards as well as the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully transition to life beyond high school.

CTE Courses Offered:
*Courses vary by school. Please contact your school for a course schedule.

Agriculture Leadership
Agriculture Science 1-2
Horticulture Science 1-2
Horticulture Science 3-4
Ag Shop 1-2
Ag Shop 3-4
Design & Fabrication: Ag Shop 5-6
Floral Design 1-2
Floral Design 3-4
Forestry 1-2

Business & Marketing
Computer Applications 1-2
Web Page Design 1-2
Web Page Design 3-4
Multimedia Design 1-2
Multimedia Design 3-4
Accounting 1-2
Accounting 3-4
Financial Algebra 1-2
Business English
Introduction to Marketing
Fashion Marketing
Sports & Entertainment Marketing 1-2
Sports & Entertainment Marketing 3-4
Marketing Operations 1-2 (school store)
Marketing Operations 3-4
AP Economics 1-2
Introduction to Publications
Journalism 1-2
Journalism 3-4
Marketing Management 1-2
Entrepreneurship 1-2

Family & Consumer Sciences
Independent Living
Personal Choices
Life 101
Foods & Nutrition
Food & Fitness
Food Science 1-2
Interior Design 1-2
Interior Design 3-4
Fiber Arts 1-2
Team Read 1-2
Child Psychology 1-2
Careers In Education 1-2

Technology/Trade & Industry (STEM)
Construction Technology 1-2
Construction Technology 3-4
Materials Science Technology 1-2
Engineering Technology 1-2
Engineering 3-4: Mechtronics
Technical Math for the Trades 1-2
Drafting & Design 1-2
Drafting & Design 3-4
Architectural Drafting & Design 1-2
Photography 1-2
Photography 3-4
Photography 5-6
IT & Cyber Security Fundamentals
Principles of Computer Science 1-2
Computer Science 1-2, 3-4. 5-6, 7-8
AP Computer Science
Air Force JROTC

Health & Human Services
Sports Medicine 1-2
Sports Medicine 3-4
Sports Medicine Clinical Experience
American Sign Language 1-2
American Sign Language 3-4

Work Site Learning

Middle School
Engineering Technology
Computer Applications


Business Education - Julie McInturff, Amy Francis

Family & Consumer Sciences - Fran Windisch

Engineering Technology & Robotics - Ken Brager

Multimedia Web & Graphics/Computer - Juli Weisgerber, Sue Edmunson

Technology & Engineering - Michael See

Engineering/Computer Science - Devon Bouvier

Business Education - Lydia Behrens

Engineering Technology - Mike Baker

Business Education - Lisa Martin

Buisiness Education - Phil Larsen

Agriculture - Denise Senor

Business Education - Freitag, Clizbe, McCallum, Judy, Wilson

Career Center/CTE Guidance - Tina McCallum, Debbie Smith

Computer science/Engineering Technology - Doug Reppe

Family & Consumer Science - Shannon Hokanson, Cindy Miller, Heidi Wilson

Journalism - Laurie Bender

Marketing Education - Brad Judy, Heidi Wilson, Olivia Clizbe

Photography - Charlene Hardy

Sports Medicine - Ciara Rink

Agriculture - Dan White

American Sign Language - Suzanne Benfield

Business & Marketing - Smith, Buckingham, Thompson, Mequet

Computer Science - Marc Long

CTE Guidance/Career Center - Aaron Machart, Ortansa McDonald

Family & Consumer Science - Naomi Devers, Caitlin Almaguer, Tiara Harley

JROTC - Curt Wichers, Daniel Bowley

Photography - Scott Larson

Sports Medicine - Nathan Gladstone

Technology Education - David Giancola, Jason Giancola

Business Education - Wanda Cadwallader

Business Education - Judy Brown

Technology Education - Marty Evans

American Sign Language - Sharon McCue

Business Education - Koci, Beatte, Crider, Ledford

CTE Guidance/Career Center - Laurie Cowgill, Donnie Speer

Computer Science - Jason Giancola

Drafting - Ryan Helms

Engineering Tech/MST - Robert Edrington

Family & Consumer Science - Stephanie Zerba, Kendra Ledford

Marketing - Kristin Beatte

Photography - Matt Johnson

Sports Medicine - Ted Weber

Program Contacts

Debbie McClary
Director of Career and Technical Education
(509) 222-6982
Molly King
Assistant Director of Career and Technical Education
(509) 222-6523
Joan Colby
(509) 222-6616