Dual Language

Enrollment: Parent Meetings for Incoming Kindergarten - Feb. 5 & 7

Dual Language program parent information meetings are scheduled for Feb. 5 and 7 at 5:30 p.m. at the Fuerza Elementary Cafeteria. Parents with an English or Bilingual speaking child entering kindergarten in the fall of 2019 are required to attend one of these meetings before beginning the application process. Questions? Contact Blanca Harvey at (509) 222-6899 or blanca.harvey@ksd.org.

Deciding if the Dual Language Program Is Right for Your Family

Kennewick School District’s Dual Language Program requires a commitment from the entire family. Students learn language during the day, while parents are encouraged to learn language by night. Children who have a love of learning, age-appropriate language development, and support and encouragement from home will find success in the dual language program.

Your child is a good candidate for the dual language program if they:

  • Are developmentally on target in his or her native language.
  • Express an interest in different people, places, and things.
  • Want to become fluent in Spanish and English.

The program is a good fit for families that:

  • Value other cultures – the people, art, history, etc.
  • Support learning a second language and encourage practicing the language.
  • Are willing to participate in school projects and activities.
  • Are willing to commit to nine years of dual language.

Applying to the Dual Language Program

Children start the program in kindergarten so that there is a multiyear commitment. 

Informational Meetings

Each year, informational meetings are held for families to learn more about the program. A parent must attend one of the meetings for his/her child to be considered for the program. Application forms are distributed at the informational meetings. Completed applications should be sent to Kennewick School District, Dual Language Program, 1000 W. 4th Avenue, Kennewick, Washington, 99336.

Important Note: Kennewick School District’s recruitment procedure for the dual language program is based on the following guidelines:

  • Siblings of current dual language participants are placed in schools with their siblings.
  • Submitting a dual language application does not guarantee a space in the dual language program.
  • A lottery is used to select participants if there are more applicants than spaces


Q: Why should I consider enrolling my child in the Dual Language Program?
Q: How will learning everything in a second language affect my child's English language and literacy development?
Q: Will my child become proficient in the second language? How long will that take?

Program Contacts

Blanca Harvey
Dual Language Facilitator/Bilingual Literacy Coach
(509) 222-6899
Jaime Silva
Principal, Fuerza Elementary
(509) 222-5000