Ben Messinger

Member - Position 3


Ben Messinger was elected to the board in November 2011. His current term ends Dec. 31, 2019.

His motivations to serve include loyalty to the community, an enthusiasm for education and a desire for children to be granted every opportunity to achieve their potential. Ben is a practicing Certified Financial Planner® and has lived and worked in Kennewick since graduation from Eastern Washington University in 1996.

"My wife Jamie's education is in early childhood development and literacy. Mine is in business and finance so it makes us a very well-rounded household. Jamie's example as a mother and educator combined with my own observations as a professional have cultivated my strong convictions regarding the importance of our public schools."

As both a father of school-age children and a local employer, Ben has a deep interest in the success of Kennewick students.

"My work as a financial planner has exposed me to thousands of people working to achieve the life they want for both themselves and their families. Without any doubt, education is a key element for making those dreams reality. Educational requirements are expanding in all career sectors. The responsibility of preparing our children for the future is a challenge to be faced aggressively. The challenges are balanced by great opportunity if we do our part and send students into the world prepared."