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October 23, 2014

Board designates future site of Desert Hills Middle School

The survey results are in regarding the naming of one of the new middle school sites.

After considering community feedback, the Kennewick School District Board of Directors decided to designate district property in Coyote Canyon, adjacent to Clodfelter Road as the replacement site for Desert Hills Middle School if the bond passes in February 2015.

A total of 1,005 stakeholders responded to the survey and here are the final results:

  • 53.3% (533) - The site at Clodfelter Road near five corners should be named Desert Hills Middle School.
  • 15.82% (159) - The site at 27th Avenue and Southridge Boulevard should be named Desert Hills Middle School.
  • 18.01% (181) - Neither site should be named Desert Hills Middle School and new names should be selected after the bond election.
  • 13.13% (132) – This decision should be delayed until after the bond election.
Construction of the new Desert Hills Middle School off Clodfelter Road would begin as soon as possible after the bond passes. Students would remain in their current school until the new school opens in fall 2016. The old Desert Hills Middle School site would be maintained by the district until the Board decides the future of the property.

If the bond passes on February 10, the district will conduct a naming process that includes community input for the new Middle School #5 at Southridge Boulevard and 27th Avenue and the two new elementary schools.

Kennewick School District wishes to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback.

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