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May 22, 2017

Celebrating Our Seniors: Emily Martin

Senior Emily Martin spent her freshman year at a traditional high school but when she learned about Phoenix High School Kennewick, she was eager to enroll there.

"I liked the idea of a small school and the freedom to do projects," she says. "It's how I like to learn."

Phoenix gave Emily the opportunity to explore her interest in aquatic biology, which she'd nurtured since she hunted for insects around a relative's pond as a small child.

Her projects included looking into the death of sturgeon in the Columbia River a few summers ago that put her in contact with fishery experts; research into coral bleaching that led her to visit the coral caretaker at the Seattle Aquarium and building a school aquarium that led to a day of work at a local fish hatchery.

Now she's planning to attend Columbia Basin College followed by wrapping up her bachelor's degree at either Washington State University Tri-Cities or possibly The Evergreen State College. Emily plans on sticking with her love of nature by studying conservation but she's also looking at teaching, so she can guide students in their own discoveries.