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May 22, 2017

Celebrating Our Seniors: Joel Farias

Kennewick High School​ senior Joel Farias says he never forgot the high school students who worked with him and other students in the afterschool program at Eastgate Elementary School​. The fact they wanted to spend their afternoons teaching and playing with him and other students from his east Kennewick neighborhood made him want to do the same when he was in high school.

Joel has now volunteered more than 100 hours with the 21st Century Extended Day Program at his former elementary school. He's taught students how to play sports but also art, history and robotics.

"I love feeling that I make a difference in kids' lives," he says. "Having them in school longer keeps them safe and they love to learn."

Joel's been accepted to University of Washington​ on scholarships beginning in the fall. He plans to study aerospace engineering with an eye to work for The Boeing Company​ someday. He says he'll look for a way to keep working with young students as he pursues that dream