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May 31, 2017

Celebrating Our Seniors: Koby Bailey

It is hard to miss senior Koby Bailey at Kamiakin High School​ football games or other sporting events. He wears facepaint, dresses as a super hero and dons other wacky outfits to support the school's athletes and teams.

That strong school spirit also explains Koby's leadership role with the student-run Run Kano school spirit group.

"I just go all out," Koby says. "I can yell real loud for a long time."

That drive to support the Braves isn't just for games and matches. Koby befriends any fellow student he thinks needs someone in their corner. It's something Koby's older brother and his friends did for him growing up.

"It put me in the mindset that I never want to put someone down," Koby says. "I just want to help others and support them."

He's been accepted to Washington State University​ where he plans to study mechanical engineering. But he really wants to be a teacher and coach so he can keep encouraging kids.