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May 24, 2017

Celebrating Our Seniors: Louie Theriault

Louie Theriault began attending Mid-Columbia Partnership​ (MCP) in the seventh-grade, wanting fewer social distractions and more independence in how he pursued his education.

MCP, the district's homeschool program, allowed him to work at a faster pace in math and a more deliberate one in language arts, Louie says. As a junior, he had the flexibility to participate in the Running Start program at Washington State University (WSU) Tri-Cities​. And he developed deep friendships with students of various ages who shared his interests and goals at MCP.

"It helped me build how I wanted to do school," Louie says.

Now he's poised to continue at WSU Tri-Cities where he plans to study civil engineering. He's getting some help with tuition, having recently been awarded the STEM Scholars Award, a scholarship that will cover nearly all his costs.