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March 7, 2017

District launches new website to attract teachers and support staff

Kennewick schools are great places to work and the district's recently launched its new employment website shows new teachers and others the benefits of choosing Kennewick.

From highlighting employment opportunities, student enrollment growth and professional development opportunities to Kennewick’s affordable cost of living and community support, allows the district to better recruit passionate and highly trained educators to work with its students.

“The site has a fresh look inspired by our amazing staff members, the region where we live and the many reasons we continually hear that people love working in Kennewick schools,” states Robyn Chastain, director of communication and public relations. “We know that those who work in education have many options and we want to make sure they know that Kennewick is a great place to start a career in education.”

Along with providing details on positions the district is hiring for, offers testimonials from those already working in our schools, information about the region and links to recreational and cultural offerings and resources in the community.

The district is committed to bringing the best staff to its schools and will continue to develop new ways to attract qualified individuals to teach and support its students.