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May 16, 2017

District wins state communications awards

The Kennewick School District won 15 awards from the Washington School Public Relations Association (WSPRA) for its work connecting the district and its schools with the families and communities they serve.

Among the highest honors for the district from WSPRA’s Publication and Electronic Media Awards were best-in-category awards in the categories of website and special purpose publication for a website and brochure designed for the district’s Choose Kennewick teacher recruitment effort.

The district’s new community e-newsletter, #ksdTrending, was the top entry in the electronic newsletter category.

Other awards were for photography, writing, marketing/branding and social media.

  • E-newsletter (Best In Category, Award of Excellence)
  • Website (Best In Category, Award of Excellence)
  • Special Purpose Publication (Best in Category, Award of Excellence)
  • Writing (Award of Excellence, Award of Merit, Honorable Mention [2])
  • Social Media (Award of Excellence, Award of Merit)
  • Marketing & Branding (Award of Excellence)
  • Photography (Award of Merit, Honorable Mention)