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November 14, 2017

Join us in spreading kindness in Kennewick

Share Your Stories

We know our community is a friendly place. That's why we're asking community members to share stories of acts of kindness that show just how friendly it is and can inspire others.

The goal of Kennewick Acts Of Kindness is to log more than one thousand acts of kindness over the year on our new website, Submitted stories, photos and videos will be shared on the site as well as through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, further spreading their encouraging and uplifting messages.

Kennewick Acts Of Kindness is inspired by the actions of a district bus driver in December 2016. He gave a boy his own gloves after he boarded without some, his hands red and tears in his eyes. The driver returned to the school later that day with more new pairs of gloves for any student who needed them.

Thousands of people reacted to that story with wonderful, positive messages of gratitude and inspiration on social media. Help continue the momentum generated by that one kind act so that it can create even more of them.