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June 10, 2016

Citizenship award honors first Horse Heaven Hills principal

Eighth grade students Abbigail Molt and Jagger Childs are recipients of the first Jim Verhulp Citizenship Award at Horse Heaven Hills Middle School.

The award was created this year by staff and community members to honor the first principal of Horse Heaven Hills Middle School, Jim Verhulp. Verhulp passed away in October 2015.

Verhulp started his career at Kennewick School District in 1991 as a principal at Park Middle School. In 1992, he became the planning principal of Horse Heaven Hills Middle School. Previously, he worked as an administrator in the Finley, North Franklin and Pasco School Districts. After serving as the principal of Horse Heaven Hills, Verhulp transitioned to the position of executive director of personnel and served on the superintendent’s cabinet for many years. He retired in 2001.

Verhulp is described as “a man of integrity who actively inspired and rewarded good citizenship, setting a blueprint for all students’ success in future endeavors.”

Photo (left to right):
Horse Heaven Hills Middle School Principal Diana Burns, Jagger Childs, Ryan Verhulp, Danielle Verhulp Rothwell, and Abbigail Molt.