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April 28, 2015

Kamiakin team wins Youth Apps Challenge

A team of three Kamiakin High School students are winners of the Technology Alliance’s Youth Apps Challenge for their app The Neskol Innovation.

Vincent Gizzarelli, Jordan Blum and Zachary Sylvester designed and conceptualized their program in computer science class using MIT’s App Inventor. They also created a YouTube elevator pitch video to explain their app.

The NekSol Innovation app is a futuristic concept that scans rooms in your house or workplace and records individual objects into a database.  If you lose an item, a scan looking for the size/shape of the object will find and display the location of the lost item using an augmented reality view from your smart phone or tablet.

The students will attend the Eastern Washington awards event on May 2 at WSU Tri-Cities where they will receive prizes for their accomplishment. The students will also have a chance to present their app idea to small groups of people and be recognized for their hard work.