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November 30, 2017

Kennewick High International Baccalaureate Program receives $150K state grant

A $150,000 state grant awarded to Kennewick High School’s International Baccalaureate (IB) program will support and expand the program as well as raise awareness of its offerings.

The grant will be used to purchase computers for IB classrooms, provide teacher training and strengthen course offerings in the sciences and visual and performing arts.

Funding also will go toward student outreach and academic support at Chinook, Highlands, Horse Heaven Hills, and Park middle schools so their students are prepared for IB classes when they reach high school.

“The IB program really sets Kennewick High apart and we’re excited to create even more opportunities for our students to challenge themselves,” says Ashley Williams, the school’s IB program coordinator.

Kennewick High is one of only 35 high schools in Washington state, and only one of two east of the Cascades, to offer the IB program. IB awards certificates and diplomas and is known for challenging and preparing students for a diverse and highly connected world. The IB program is recognized as one of the most academically rigorous, college preparatory programs. The highly respected two-year curriculum focuses on classical liberal arts and sciences.

The school has 23 full IB courses open to juniors and seniors and 15 pre-IB courses for freshmen and sophomores.

About 30 percent of Kennewick High’s enrollment—roughly 500 students—are enrolled in IB courses. The school wants to see even more students take advantage of the program’s classes and pursue the full IB diploma.

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