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August 31, 2017

Kennewick Police Department named 2017 Outstanding Community Partner

The safety of students and staff is the top priority of the Kennewick School District. It would be difficult to meet that goal without the close partnership between the district and the Kennewick Police Department.

The district named the department the 2017 Outstanding Community Partner Award in recognition of its dedication to schools over the years while presenting the Staff Excellence Awards at the Welcome Back event for staff. The department's representatives protect students and staff while providing support and resources to schools that ultimately benefit the whole community.

"We would have a real hard time meeting our goals without our partners at the Kennewick Police Department," says Jack Anderson, the district's K-12 student services director.

Police officials work closely with district and school officials in developing plans and strategies to keep schools safe. Close lines of communication between the district and department ensure there will be a rapid response in case of an emergency.

The department's school resource officers are crucial members of the district's high schools and middle schools, building relationships with staff and students. Officers visit elementary schools through the D.A.R.E. program and help younger students learn to make good choices and be good citizens. And students and families in need benefit from the department's aid in securing shelter, food, clothing, and other items.