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January 18, 2018

Kennewick Teachers Earn National Board Certification

Congratulations to the 21 teachers who recently earned National Board Certification, a mark of accomplishment resulting from hours of study, hard work and determination.

The district now has 117 teachers working in its classrooms who have met the certification’s rigorous, performance-based standards. The teachers will be recognized by the district’s school board at the January 24 meeting.

The district’s newest Board-certified teachers are:

  • Christopher Becker, Hawthorne Elementary
  • Shannon Burleyson, Kennewick High School
  • Luke Clemmens, Kennewick High School
  • Rama Devagupta, Southridge High School
  • Amy Francis, Chinook Middle School
  • Sara Glenn, Kennewick High School
  • Anne Gowdy, Westgate Elementary
  • Amanda Haan, Westgate Elementary
  • Megan Hagihara, Cascade Elementary
  • Jennifer Hedges, Kennewick High School
  • Amy Jennings, Vista Elementary
  • Ngan Le, Highlands Middle School
  • Matthew Luttrell, Kamiakin High School
  • Megan McGrath, Kamiakin High School
  • Chenoa Meagher, Sage Crest Elementary
  • Lisa Page, Southridge High School
  • Megan Palmer, Washington Elementary
  • Erin Patterson, Eastgate Elementary
  • Elida Rodriguez, Southridge High School
  • Brandee Veitenheimer, Kamiakin High School
  • Judy Walker, Special Services

Pursuing National Board certification is voluntary and done on a teacher's own time and at their own expense. Research shows students of Board-certified teachers learn more than students in other classrooms, which is why Washington offers incentives for teachers to pursue Board certification.

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