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December 16, 2014

Kennewick teachers earn National Board Certification

Seven teachers did more than their share of homework to earn their National Board Certification this year.

Their names have now been added to a growing list of 108 teachers in the district who have embarked on the rigorous, performance-based process that has become a teacher's mark of accomplishment.

Pursuing National Board Certification is voluntary and done on the teacher's own time and at their own expense. Research shows that the students of Board-certified teachers learn more than students in other classrooms, which is why Washington offers incentives for teachers to pursue Board certification.

Congratulations to KSD's new National Board Certified Teachers:

  • Joe Ansingh, Southridge High School
  • Kathleen Armitage, Vista Elementary School
  • Kaylee Garner, Eastgate Elementary School
  • Kathryn Koegler, Vista Elementary School
  • Michele Maxson, Vista Elementary School
  • Tricia McMullen, Eastgate Elementary School
  • Sara Riesenweber, Southgate Elementary School

For more information about National Board Certification, visit