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October 16, 2017

Learning Expert Shares Strategies With New Teachers

Sixty of the Kennewick School District’s newest teachers recently had the opportunity to hear from world-renowned educational researcher, learning expert and former teacher Eric Jensen about helping all students shine in their classrooms.

The presentation focused on two of the tools Jensen says make for the most successful classrooms: student engagement and relationships between teachers, students, parents and others.

Jensen combines his teaching background with a PhD in Human Development to study brain-based learning and how factors outside of schools, such as poverty, affect brain development and learning. He has written more than 30 books on practical ways for teachers to successfully engage their students. He is a co-founder and current president and CEO of Jensen Learning Corp.

Jensen’s visit was coordinated by the district’s Peer Assistance and Resources (PAR) program for all first- and second-year teachers. The presentation is one of several professional development efforts funded by a BEST Teacher grant awarded to the district from Educational Service District 123.

“We see the grant as a way to enrich our current program to benefit teachers even more,” says Tina Brewer, a mentor teacher with PAR.