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June 14, 2017

Local author donates thousands of children's books to schools

First-graders across the Tri-Cities will receive a parting gift for the summer thanks to a local author and reading advocate.

Lynn Fielding donated 4,000 English and Spanish versions of his children’s book, Why There Is Always Room For Dessert, to elementary schools in Kennewick, Pasco and Richland. The book explains why children can’t turn down something sweet after dinner even if they say they are full from the meal.

Fielding sat on the Kennewick School Board for 24 years from 1988 through 2011 and has been involved in literacy efforts for years.

In addition to his children’s book, he’s authored or co-authored several other books and studies examining the importance of childhood reading and other educational issues. One of those studies became the basis of the district’s annual goal to have 90 percent or more of third-graders at or above grade level in reading.

“Lynn has a long commitment to doing whatever he can to encourage and improve reading in our young students,” says Superintendent Dave Bond.  “This is just another example of his willingness to commit his own resources and time to help all students in the Tri-Cities become more proficient readers.”