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October 17, 2017

NWPTV Series Showcases District Programs

Northwest Public Television featured Language Arts programs at two of our high schools in the recent "American Graduate" series. Check out the stories below and see how our schools and staff members are helping students grow and find their voice.

English Learner Program Video

Learning English And Feeling At Home

Southridge High School 's English Learner program is helping students new to the United States such as Abdulazeez "Azeez" Hussein. Learning English is a key goal of the program but the students also build the confidence they need to pursue their futures.

“This program is important for our society because these kids are part of our community. They’re an important part of our community. We need to help give them the same education as their English-speaking peers and we need to prepare them the same way so they can go on to college, so that they can go on to jobs and be contributing members of society.” – Kristina Hocking, English Language Arts teacher

 Poetry Out Loud Video

Building Life Skills Through Poetry

The Poetry Out Loud program at Kamiakin High School is challenging students such as Myanna Moody to express themselves through the spoken word. Showing students the importance of speaking clearly is just one goal of the program. It also demonstrates the power of expressing emotions and being open to those of others.

“I think it helps students realize that their poem they have chosen, they can breathe their own life into it. They can interpret it however they want to. I think that freedom of doing that in literature is very important.” –Joyce Donais, English Language Arts teacher