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November 9, 2017

New elementary school boundaries for 2018-19

View NEW Elementary School Boundary Interactive Map 2018-19

View NEW Elementary School Boundary Map 2018-19 (PDF)

New elementary boundaries affecting Cottonwood, Edison, Hawthorne, Lincoln, Ridge View, Sunset View, and Vista elementary schools have been decided effective August 2018. 

The Kennewick School Board approved the new boundaries after the district received feedback from community meetings on proposed boundaries.

The district will open two new elementary schools for the 2018-19 school year and boundaries are being adjusted to help alleviate overcrowding at neighboring schools.

All middle and high school boundaries will remain the same.

Students who live outside of a school’s boundaries may apply for School Choice Transfer (K-5)

How School Choice Requests Are Prioritized

Students who live outside of a school’s boundaries may request transfer with the following order priority:

  • Students previously attended school affected by boundary change and will be in the 5th grade for 2018-2019. Parents must provide transportation.
  • Live in Kennewick School District but outside of the school’s boundary. Parents must provide transportation.
  • Live outside Kennewick School District (Out-of-District Request). Regular procedures followed. Parent must provide transportation.


  • School Indicator letters for K-8 are mailed out in late November.
    • Letters include school placement based on new boundaries and the School Choice procedure.
  • Transfer requests will be accepted until January 26.
  • Decisions on transfer requests will be made on February 9.
  • Transfer request decisions will be mailed home on February 23.