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Early Childhood Education Assistance Program (ECEAP)

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Kennewick schools are running on time with no weather-related delays or closures for Monday December 15, 2008.

Winter weather is upon us so be on look out for school closures or delays. Listen to KONA AM 610, KONA 105.3, La Campesina , KZHR, KZTB or local TV stations KEPR, KNDU & KVEW. Or visit the district’s homepage at

El tiempo de invierno ha llegado y es probable que se cancelen o se demore el comienzo de clases. Favor de llamar a 222-5533 o tambien puede escuchar KONA AM 610, KONA 105.3 FM, La Campesina, KZHR, KZTB, o estaciones de televisión locales KEPR, KNDU o KVEW.

 Early Childhood Education Assistance Program


Welcome to the Early Childhood Education Assistance Program  (ECEAP)
ECEAP is a free early childhood program that provides children with an exciting pre-school learning environment and families with educationally-based home visits. 

ECEAP is enrolling children for 2013-2014 program year for both English and Spanish classrooms. They must be 4 by August 31, live within Kennewick School District boundaries and meet income requirements. Parents can pick up enrollment packets at the ECEAP office at Kennewick Administrated Center 1000 W. 4th Ave from 8:00am to 3:30pm. 


1. Income verification for previous year and current monthly income:

·         Current check stub

·         W-2s or income tax from previous year (if not currently working)

·         Letter on business stationary from employer

·         Unemployment check amount

·         Child support proof

·         DSHS grant letter stating amount

·         Supplemental security letter stating amount

2. Name, address, and phone number of employer.

3. Immunizations of the child(ren) you are registering. MUST BE COMPLETE.

4. Birth certificate of the child(ren) being registered.

5. Emergency contact – name, address, and phone number.

6. Daycare provider – name, address, and phone number.

7. Address verification of residential status. Please bring PUD bill or rental/lease agreement.

 Program Administration Contacts

Expand/Collapse Location : Canyon View Portable D1 ‎(3)
Lupe Salazar-Upton222-3430lupe.salazarupton@ksd.orgCanyon View Portable D1
Loralee Williams222-3430loralee.williams@ksd.orgCanyon View Portable D1
Laura Wood222-3430laura.wood@ksd.orgCanyon View Portable D1
Expand/Collapse Location : Edison Room #9 ‎(3)
Eileen Chiotti222-2159eileen.chiotti@ksd.orgEdison Room #9
Marie Montes222-2159marie.montes@ksd.orgEdison Room #9
Anita Torres222-2159anita.torres@ksd.orgEdison Room #9
Expand/Collapse Location : Hawthorne Room #2 ‎(2)
Susan Hammell222-2252susan.hammell@ksd.orgHawthorne Room #2
Mercedes Stredwick222-2252mercedes.stredwick@ksd.orgHawthorne Room #2
Expand/Collapse Location : KDC Rms 3 and 4 ‎(4)
Christine Frazier222-4100christine.frazier@ksd.orgKDC Rms 3 and 4
Jaime Nealey222-4100jaime.nealey@ksd.orgKDC Rms 3 and 4
Tonya Rencehausen222-4100KDC Rms 3 and 4
Kelly Roberts222-4100kelly.roberts@ksd.orgKDC Rms 3 and 4
Expand/Collapse Location : Kennewick School District Administration Center, 1000 W. Fourth Ave. ‎(4)
Education CoachLupe Lorenz222-6460lupe.lorenz@ksd.orgKennewick School District Administration Center, 1000 W. Fourth Ave.
ECEAP Co-ManagerKaren Pharaoh222-5027karen.pharaoh@ksd.orgKennewick School District Administration Center, 1000 W. Fourth Ave.
ECEAP Co-ManagerStephanie Tinsley222-5027stephanie.tinsley@ksd.orgKennewick School District Administration Center, 1000 W. Fourth Ave.
SecretaryMaricela Zuniga222-5027maricela.zuniga@ksd.orgKennewick School District Administration Center, 1000 W. Fourth Ave.
Expand/Collapse Location : Ridge View Room 5 ‎(2)
Nikki Hensyel222-2105nikki.hensyel@ksd.orgRidge View Room 5
Hermelinda Varela222-2105hermelinda.varela@ksd.orgRidge View Room 5
Expand/Collapse Location : Washington Portable ECEAP 1/ Room 22 ‎(3)
Carla Gest222-2576carla.gest@ksd.orgWashington Portable ECEAP 1/ Room 22
Kerry Ripplinger222-2576kerry.ripplinger@ksd.orgWashington Portable ECEAP 1/ Room 22
Denise Robison222-2576denise.robison@ksd.orgWashington Portable ECEAP 1/ Room 22
Expand/Collapse Location : Washington Portable ECEAP 2/ Room 23 ‎(3)
Ana Rosa Aguilera222-2581anarosa.aguilera@ksd.orgWashington Portable ECEAP 2/ Room 23
Rosa Duran-Rodriguez222-2581Washington Portable ECEAP 2/ Room 23
Anabel Martinez222-2581anabel.martinez@ksd.orgWashington Portable ECEAP 2/ Room 23

 Forms and Documents

KSD Volunteer Application English 2013-2014.pdfKSD Volunteer Application English 2013-2014Melissa Johnson
KSD Volunteer Application Spanish 2013-2014.pdfKSD Volunteer Application Spanish 2013-2014Melissa Johnson
ECEAP Enrollment Eligibility English 2013-2014.pdfECEAP Enrollment Eligibility English 2013-2014Lorraine Cooper
ECEAP Enrollment Eligibility Spanish 2013-2014.pdfECEAP Enrollment Eligibility Spanish 2013-2014Lorraine Cooper
Field Trip - Student Emergency Form Spanish.pdfField Trip - Student Emergency Form SpanishLorraine Cooper
Field Trip - Student Emergency Form Bosnian.pdfField Trip - Student Emergency Form BosnianLorraine Cooper

 Top Ten Tips for Parents

ECEAP's Top Ten Tips for Parents!

1. Keep rules simple and basic

2. When you give a child directions be sure they understand

3. Offer your child a choice when possible

4. Never force a child to participate

5. Use more do's than don’ts

6. Give a child fair warning before interrupting their activity

7. Avoid discussing children in their presence

8. Disapprove of the act, not the child

9. Model controlled, deliberate and accepting behavior

10. Let the child learn by experience

 Links and Resources

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  Washington ECEAP and Head Start Web Site
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