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President: Makayla Wamboldt


Vice President: Soleil Roth


Secretary: Taylor VanMeighem


Treasurer: Johnny Jansen

Publicity Manager: Kelsey Forman



Sangeetha Thevuthasun


Jake Deatherage


Alec Sun


Christian Rodriguez


President: Paige Stoker
Vice President: Brynna DeSanti
Secretary: Breanna Wallin
Treasurer: Blake Snyder
Publicity Manager: Logan Jackson


President: Tania Castellano
Vice President: Darby Holt
Secretary: Macie Briggs
Treasurer: Trevor Beswick
Publicity Manager: Bailey Campbell


President: Alisha Nguyen
Vice President: Emily Moon
Secretary: Alexa VanMeighem
Treasurer: Brian Walker
Publicity Manager: Alyssa Bills


Publicity Manager:

Elections usually happen towards the end of April.

The forms for/ about becoming an ASB Officer are in ASB General.


Position Descriptions

The ASB president must be able to work well with others and facilitate meetings. You are the person who needs to see “the big picture,” for the school and your fellow student leaders.  You will be responsible for calling meetings, setting the agenda, both while making sure that the exec. board is meeting on a weekly basis. Keep in mind that being ASB President gives you no extra power over other class officers, just added responsibility. You will be responsible to communicate with class presidents as to what exec. is doing, as well as communicating with your exec. board and advisors. You should also always be aware of what classes are doing, and lend a helping hand whenever possible. You will be expected to give more time then the other officers, meeting regularly with all the presidents.
Being ASB President is a very tough position that requires a huge time commitment. You will be looked up to by your fellow students, and often expected to speak up to the administration when an issue of concern arises. ASB presidents should be able to get along well with both upper and underclassmen, teachers and administration.
You will be the most visible student in the school, and must set a positive example for others to follow.

Vice President-
The vice-president will fill in whenever the president cannot. You will assist the president whenever possible, and make sure everything is running smoothly within your class. The vice-president has the least specific job description, but along with that you will be given more freedom to get things done that need to get done. You will be expected to chair multiple activities throughout the year, and a huge time commitment is necessary to be a productive ASB VP.

The secretary shall be in charge of taking minutes of each meeting, carefully recording everything that was discussed, voted and approved/disapproved. You should have readable handwriting, good listening and multi-tasking skills. You will be expected to get a copy of the meeting minutes to each officer, Mrs. Tholke, Mrs. St. Hilaire, and the ASB president after each meeting. Keep in mind that ASB minutes become legal documents often times scrutinized by state auditors. Aside from record keeping, secretaries have just as an important role as a student leader and will be expected to chair events etc., throughout the year.

The treasurer will be responsible for getting, filling out paperwork and meeting deadlines to get purchase orders, as well as approving all expenses. A crucial role of the treasurer is to meet with Mrs. Thoelke to discuss all expenditures. You should always know how much money is in your account and how money is being spent. All purchases coming out of the ASB account must be signed by you. You will be in charge of creating a budget for next year. Just as all exec board officers, you will be expected to attend every meeting and share your load of responsibility in planning school events.

Publicity Manager-
The Publicity Manager is in charge of getting any announcements about events or ASB related activities into the daily bulletin. You also are responsible for publicizing the events or activities that their class takes on. You should work closely with the class publicity managers and the publicity committee to make sure the students know what is going on. This is a very important job in ASB as it is crucial that students know what the ASB is doing in order to make the year a success. You are also given the privilege of making morning announcements, and are expected to add a personal flare to them to keep the students interested. You will also be the student responsible for the ASB PA system, and will be expected to attend all lunchtime activities etc. to run the PA.




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