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Creative Writing

#2 What makes a good story

50 points


Using the following websites as a guide, answer the questions below:



1.       Why is it important to write a catchy first paragraph? (5 points)




2.       Describe and give an example sentence showing each of the types of narration listed. (15 points, 5 points per narration)


First person



Third person limited



Third person omniscient



3.       Write an example dialog.  Include at least 4 lines of dialog.  Use proper format. (10 points)




4.       What does setting include? (5 points)




5.       When writing, list and describe the parts of a plot. (10 points)




6.       Why is it important to have tension and conflict? (5 points)




7.       List three different ways you can overcome writers block. (5 points)