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Subcultures and Countercultures Assignment

(100 points)



Create a Power Point, a written research paper, movie,  or poster to address the following question:


How do subcultures and countercultures reflect diversity within American society?

(10 points each for the items listed below)


  • You should include 5 examples of subcultures and 5 examples of countercultures.  (Examples of subcultures and countercultures are provided below.)
  • Provide background information on the groups and explain how the group came to be a part of American society. 
  • Explore the reaction of other groups to the subcultures and countercultures. 
  • Explain what elements make the group a subculture or counterculture.  
  • Explain how the groups add to diversity, but also can create tension and conflict.
  • Use key terms associated with your subculture, include language differences and slang
  • Explain negative and positive impact, images, and stereotypes associated with the group
  • Explain relevant traditions, customs, rituals and routines associated with the group
  • Discuss the value of evaluating groups by their own standards (cultural relativism)
  • Summarize, is cultural diversity through subcultures and countercultures a good or a bad?



Subcultures Examples                                                                                   Countercultures Examples

Any ethnic group (Native Americans, Chinese, Hispanics)                                Jihadists or Nation of Islam

Religious groups (Jews, LDS/Mormons, Moonies)                                             Fundamentalist Church of LDS (Bigamists)

Teenagers                                                                                                            Gangs

Vegans                                                                                                                 PETA

Farmers or Cowboys or Coal Miners                                                                    Ku Klux Klan

Tea Party Members                                                                                              Militias such as Huteree

Homosexuals                                                                                                        Hippies

Goths, Punks, Geeks, or Trekkers                                                                        Hells Angels

Knights of Columbus or Masons                                                                          Mafia

Daughters of American Revolution                                                                      Neo Nazis or Skinheads