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School Alerts

Kennewick School District allows parent to choose how they want to receive school alerts by text, phone and email for school emergencies, delays/closures, school news, attendance, and low-balance meal accounts. If you need your PowerSchool login or password, please contact your school office.

  • Log into your PowerSchool for Parents account.
  • Select QUICK LINKS
  • Select PREFERENCES from the menu icon in the upper left corner.
  • Under MY MESSAGE PREFERENCES edit how you want to be contacted.

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School Closure & Delays Due to Inclement Weather

Every effort is made to announce closures or delays by 6 a.m. If conditions change after the decision is made to delay school, it is possible that the district may cancel school. We will try to make a final decision by 7:30 a.m., or shortly thereafter. If a decision is changed, an updated alert will be sent out as soon as possible.

If there is no mention on the district website of delays or closures, schools are running on time.

Road conditions in the district can vary depending on where you live. We support a parent’s or guardian’s decision to pick their child up early or to not send their child to school. Absences will be considered excused with a signed note.

2-Hour or 3-Hour Delay

  • Once decided, a 2-hour delay will not switch to a 3-hour delay. There is still the possibility it could change to a closure if conditions worsen.

  • If school is delayed, buses will run on either a 2- or 3-hour delay as specified.

  • Breakfast is canceled.

  • AM ECEAP classes are canceled.

  • AM Tri-Tech Skills Center classes are canceled.

  • AM Keewaydin Discovery Center classes are canceled.

  • High school zero-hour classes are canceled.

  • K-8 Early Release Wednesdays: If a 3-hour delay occurs on a Wednesday, elementary and middle school early release is canceled and students will get out at the regular time. A 2-hour delay will still be an early release.

  • 9-12 Early Release Wednesdays: If a 2 or 3-hour delay occurs on a high school early release Wednesday, the early release is canceled and high school students will get out at the regular time.

  • NOTE: A 3-hour delay will only be used if the district has missed a significant number days already.

Athletics, After-School Activities, and Other School Events

  • If school is closed, all out-of-district transportation, meetings, field trips, after-school activities, practices, and games will be canceled for the day unless otherwise announced.

  • All evening meetings and events scheduled to take place in district facilities will also be canceled.

Releasing Students Early on Snow Days

  • We do not send children home early in the event of snow or ice. This would be extremely difficult due to the challenge of notifying all parents/guardians and ensuring there is an adult at home or elsewhere to supervise children.

  • A parent or guardian may pick their child up early if they choose and provide a notification to the office.

Snow Bus Stops and Routes

  • Snow stops/routes affect only a small number of households who are pre-notified by the district that they have an alternate bus stop. If you have questions, please contact Transportation Services at (509) 222-5075.

Student Drivers

  • Student drivers are encouraged to use school buses if bad weather is a possibility. 


(509) 222-5001

Department Contacts

Robyn Chastain
Director of Communications and Public Relations
(509) 222-7424
Sara Schilling
Communications Coordinator
(509) 222-6827
Kelsey McMahon
Visual Media & Communications Coordinator
(509) 222-6580