Family Learning Resources

Supporting Student Learning From Home

We are committed to providing students with recommended academic and social-emotional learning resources. Our goal is to help students maintain their skills and prevent the learning “slide” that happens when school is not in session.

We’ll be sharing a Family Learning Resources guide each week, filled with worksheets, websites, activities and ideas to help support learning at home. A link will be emailed to families and posted on our website each Friday afternoon in preparation for the following week.

The guide covers academic areas including literacy, dual language literacy, math, science and STEM, social sciences, history, geography, interpersonal relationships, social skills and the arts.

It incorporates independent and parent/child study for students in preschool through high school.

Parents have the flexibility to implement and adapt these recommendations as needed, based on each individual family’s circumstances. While this unprecedented school closure makes it impossible to provide continuity of regular instruction for students, we want to share resources and ideas to help students stay engaged in learning until school resumes.

Be sure to update your contact information in PowerSchool or sign up for our #ksdTrending e-newsletter to receive the weekly guide.