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Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program Models Used in Kennewick

Dual Language Program (Two-Way Immersion or Two-Way Bilingual Education)

Dual language programs, also known as two-way bilingual education and two-way immersion, provide integrated language and academic instruction, first and second language proficiency and cross-cultural understanding.

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Developmental Bilingual Education (DBE or One Way Dual)

Developmental Bilingual Education (DBE), also referred to as late-exit bilingual education, is an enrichment program that educates English learners using both English and their first language for academic instruction. DBE programs aim to promote high levels of academic achievement in all curricular areas and full academic language proficiency in the student’s first and second languages.

Sheltered Instruction (SI) or Content-Based English as a Second Language (ESL)

Sheltered Instruction (SI) is an approach used widely for teaching language and content to English learners, particularly as schools prepare students to achieve higher standards. Academic subjects are taught in English in SI classrooms and is most often used in classes composed only of English learners. In may be used in classes with both native English speakers and English learners when necessitated by scheduling consideration or by small numbers of English learners. In Washington state, this approach is most often associated with middle and high school English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. English learners at the elementary level who receive additional support would also fall under this model.

Guidelines for Qualifying for Transitional Bilingual Instructional Program (TBIP)

The Bilingual Program in the Kennewick School District follows the guidelines established by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for administering the Home Language Survey, identifying exited ELs for reclassification, identifying Title III eligible Native American students and determining eligibility of in-state transfer students. These guidelines can be found on the OSPI website under Assess Eligibility, Identify, and Services.

OSPI Guidelines for Qualifying for TBIP

Services for Emergent Bilingual Students

Project GLAD

Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) is a model of professional development in language acquisition and literacy. It includes a unique two-part training model that is teacher-focused, effective and open to all continuing educators in Kennewick. To be certified as a GLAD practitioner, teachers participate in a six-day intensive training.

Details About Project GLAD

Elementary Schools

Amistad - One-way dual languge K-5 (Spanish/English)
Canyon View - Paraeducator support
Cascade - Paraeducator support
Cottonwood - Paraeducator support
Eastgate - One-way dual language K-5 (Spanish/English)
Edison - Paraeducator support
Fuerza - Dual language K-5 (Spanish/English)
Hawthorne - Paraeducator support
Lincoln - ESL teacher, paraeducator support
Ridge View - Paraeducator support
Sage Crest - Paraeducator support
Southgate - ESL teacher, paraeducator support
Sunset View - Paraeducator support
Vista - EL teacher, paraeducator support
Washington - EL teacher, paraeducator support
Westgate - EL teacher, paraeducator support

Middle Schools

ChinookParaeducator support, EL teacher
Highlands - Dual language (Spanish/English) 6-8, EL Teacher
Horse Heaven Hills - Paraeducator support, EL teacher
Park - Dual language (Spanish/English) 6-7, paraeducator support, EL teacher

High Schools

Kennewick - EL teacher, paraeducator support, EL graduation specialist
Kamiakin - EL teacher, paraeducator support, EL graduation specialist
Legacy - EL teacher
Southridge - EL teacher, paraeducator support, EL graduation specialist

Program Contacts

Sarah Del Toro
Migrant/Bilingual Coordinator
(509) 222-6491
Angela Chavez-Lara
Spanish Translator/Interpreter
(509) 222-6467
Blanca Harvey
Dual Language Facilitator/Bilingual Literacy Coach
(509) 222-6899
Laurie Sarver
Secondary Bilingual Literacy Coach
(509) 222-5424
Crystal Ramos
Elementary Bilingual Literacy Coach
(509) 222-6921
Nesreen Al Muzayen
Immigrant Support Coordinator
(509) 222-5094
Corie Kelly
GLAD Coach
(509) 222-2860
Corie Shorer
GLAD Coach
(509) 222-2860