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Taking The Test

Step 1: How do I know which test to take?

Language and Assessment Test List

To sign up for the World Language Competency Credit Test, click below.

World Language Competency Credit Test

Step 2: Register for a Linguafolio Workshops and a Linguafolio Account

If you are taking the STAMP test, you do not need to attend the Linguafolio workshop.

If you are taking the WPT or a Proctored Writing Assessment, you must complete a Linguafolio self-assessment at home prior to the Linguafolio session you registered for or you must attend at least one Linguafolio workshop prior to your assessment day.

Step 3: Take the Test

More about the Assessments (Tests) and Credits:

Depending on your language, you will take one or more of several available assessments to determine your proficiency. It may be on the computer, over the phone and/or through an evaluation of evidence collected in a LinguaFolio Online Collection of Evidence and Proctored Writing and Proctored Oral Language Tests. All assessments will be evaluated based on ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012 from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Credit will be granted if you meet the following levels of proficiency:

Novice Mid - 1 credit
Novice High - 2 credits
Intermediate Low - 3 credits
Intermediate Mid - 4 credits

Credit will appear on the transcript with a “P” for pass as the grade mark.

Program Contacts

Sarah Del Toro
Bilingual Coordinator
(509) 222-6491