Dawn Adams

President - Position 2


Dawn Adams was originally appointed to the board in May of 2001 and was elected to her first full term in office in November of that year. Her current term ends Dec. 31, 2021.

Dawn cites a desire to give back to her community and pursue volunteer activities impacting kids in a positive way as the main reasons for her seeking the school board position. Dawn embraces education as a core value. 

"My objective is to understand and represent the diverse needs of the constituents of our community, and respond through the District by providing opportunities for each child to advance academically to his/her potential."

Dawn is a native of Kennewick. Her father worked for 30 years in the district, and she attended Kennewick schools before moving on to earn a bacehlor's degree in business administration/information systems and a master's degree in computer science from Washington State University.

Dawn recently joined Parsons as a senior program director working out of the Richland office, after having worked at Hanford for 24 years. Dawn's husband is Erick En'Wezoh, and they have four sons, Derick, Jordan, Brandon, and Zachary.