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October 23, 2020

District Equity Team Seeking Applicants

Note: The deadline has now passed and we are no longer accepting appliccations for the Equity Team.

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Kennewick School District is now accepting applications for a newly formed District Equity Team. Applications are due by Nov. 2 by either filling out the online application or submitting a 1-2 minute video. Please watch this video to learn more.


The KSD Board of Directors issued a proclamation focused on a Districtwide Commitment to Equity in July 2020, which included commissioning the superintendent to establish a District Equity Team, to include diverse members of the Kennewick community including students, teachers, staff, administrators, families and community members.

The District Equity members will represent diverse communities who will dialogue and collaborate with the district to: 1) deepen and enhance understanding of equity-related issues within the District, and 2) collaborate with the district to develop and implement data-informed, equity-focused plans designed to address racism and bias where it exists and promote equity-focused strategies in the following areas:

  • Student Success
  • Staff Recruitment, Hiring and Retention
  • Social Emotional Learning, Curriculum and Professional Development
  • Family Engagement and Communication

For all areas, the ultimate goal is to help the district determine and implement strategies and allocate resources to promote equity, address opportunity and achievement gaps for students, and support all students in reaching their highest potential.

Equity Team Make Up, Structure and Application Process

The full District Equity Team will include approximately 45 individuals and will represent diverse communities. There will be four sub-committees formed, each with approximately 11 members.

During the month of September, KSD Superintendent Dr. Traci Pierce met with leadership representatives from the KEA Educators of Color and Allies Caucus to discuss shared priorities and to collaborate on ideas for forming the District Equity Team. A small group representing classified staff, administrative staff, and community members joined to help develop an application process to recruit additional members. This initial planning team included 12 people; the full District Equity Team will include approximately 45 individuals representing diverse communities and groups.

The full team will include approximately: 8 building administrators; 9 classified staff members; 14 certificated staff members; 8 parents; 3 community members; and, 3 high school students. The full team will engage in shared dialogue and shared learning, and sub-committees will bring plans and updates to the full team for discussion and feedback.

The four sub-committees formed will focus on the areas listed above. Each sub-committee will be facilitated by district-level leads who have direct responsibility over the areas on which the group will focus. District-level leads and specific focus areas for each sub-committee are noted below:

Student Success
District Leads: Jack Anderson and Rob Phillips
Sub-Committee Focus:

  • Dismantle disproportionality in attendance, discipline, and academic performance for students of color and students with disabilities

Staff Recruitment, Hiring and Retention

District Leads: Doug Christensen and Toni Neidhold
Sub-Committee Focus:

  • Promote practices to recruit, hire, attract and retain a diverse workforce

Social Emotional Learning, Curriculum and Professional Development
District Leads: Matt Scott and Lori Butler
Sub-Committee Focus:

  • Ensure equitable access to high quality, culturally relevant curriculum and instruction
  • Expand social emotional learning efforts and supports for students
  • Ensure culturally competent educators by providing professional development training for staff focused on cultural competence and culturally relevant teaching

Family Engagement and Communication
District Leads: Robyn Chastain and Alyssa St. Hilaire
Sub-Committee Focus:

  • Build authentic systems for family engagement by engaging families and communities, especially those historically underrepresented, in partnerships with the district and schools
  • Communicate the value of diversity in our schools and our community

Applying for the KSD Equity Team

We appreciate your interest in participating in the District Equity Team. Prior to completing an application, please review the District Equity Team: Background and Information and/or watch the short informational video.

After reviewing the information, please answer the following questions, either by completing this form below or by submitting a short video to. Videos may be sent to by using a shared folder file.

Please limit your written responses in this form to one paragraph or your video to 1–2 minutes.

Application Process Timeline:
Nov. 2 - Applications Due (written or video)
Nov. 2-13 - Applications Reviewed by District Equity Team’s Initial Planning Team 
Nov. 16 - Applicants are notified of their status

The application is no longer available.