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August 4, 2020

Fall Reopening Planning: FAQs

As we continue working on plans for reopening school in the fall, we want to address some of your frequently asked questions.

Health and Safety

QUESTION 1: When can schools fully open for in-person learning without the physical distancing and face covering requirements?

ANSWER: We are waiting for further information from the governor and health officials. The governor has a four-phase opening plan for Washington State that applies to all businesses and organizations and entities such as churches. We anticipate that the Governor and health officials will provide clarity to schools on this as well.

QUESTION 2: What will protocols be if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID?

ANSWER: We will follow all of the protocols established by Benton-Franklin Health District, the state Department of Health and the CDC. More specific information will be forthcoming. 

QUESTION 3: Will more support be provided for health rooms?

ANSWER: Yes. If we implement a hybrid learning model with students returning to buildings for on-site, in-person learning, we will be providing additional support for health rooms. 

Preschool and Elementary School imagePreschool and Elementary School

QUESTION 1: In the hybrid learning model, will elementary students receive recess?

ANSWER: Yes, students will receive recess each day. The state Department of Health has confirmed that students may remove face coverings during recess, as long as six-foot distancing is maintained.

QUESTION 2: Are all elementary specials being suspended/canceled for 2020-21? Are elementary specialists losing their jobs? 

ANSWER: Elementary specials are not being suspended or canceled in the 2020-21 school year and elementary specialists will not lose their jobs.

QUESTION 3: What will the Keewaydin Discovery Center look like?

ANSWER: Keewaydin Discovery Center will follow a similar pattern to elementary. More detailed information pertaining to KDC will be forthcoming.

QUESTION 4: In the hybrid model, will students eat lunch in the cafeteria?

ANSWER: Plans are for students to eat lunch in classrooms. The cafeteria will be used in a limited capacity for various purposes, with appropriate physical distancing.

Middle and High School imageMiddle and High School

QUESTION 1: In the middle and high school hybrid models, will middle and high schools students in Tier 2 and 3 special education programs be on site for in-person learning four days per week?

ANSWER: Yes. Both middle and high school hybrid models assume that students in Tier 2 and 3 programs will be on site for in-person learning four days per week.

QUESTION 2: What would a secondary student schedule look like?

ANSWER: More information is forthcoming, but here’s are sample remote learning and sample hybrid learning schedules for secondary students. Remote learning: Hybrid learning:

QUESTION 3: How will all of this work with Running Start?

ANSWER: Models for Running Start are determined at by the institute of higher education that offers the course (i.e. CBC, WSU). More information will be forthcoming. 

Special Education, Hi-Cap, English LearnerSpecial Education, HiCap and English Learner

QUESTION 1: How will special education students receive their services?

ANSWER: Special education students will receive their services as determined by their IEP team.

QUESTION 2: Will there be additional support for English Learners and HiCap students?

ANSWER: Yes, in both the remote and hybrid models there will be additional supports provided. Additional details will be forthcoming.

Online AcademyKSD Online Academy Questions

QUESTION 1: Can you provide more details about the KSD Online Academy option? Will dual language be offered through the online academy?

ANSWER: We are working to develop all of the details. Families wanting to learn more about this option may attend a webinar from 5 to 6 p.m. on Aug. 11. A meeting link will be sent out to all families. Registration will be open for the KSD Online Learning Academy from Aug. 11 (starts after webinar) through 14 at

QUESTION 2: Can I choose the online academy for my child and then have them return to school once it fully opens?

ANSWER: Yes. We understand, given present circumstances, parents may choose online academy and then want to return to in-person school once circumstances change. 

General QuestionsGeneral Questions

QUESTION 1: For hybrid learning models, how will student groupings (e.g. A group/B group) be determined?

ANSWER: Principals will be working to help determine the groupings by alphabet or other means. Groupings will be heterogeneous and siblings will be assigned to the same grouping so they attend schools on the same day, to the extent possible.  

QUESTION 2: What will families do with their children at home when they are at work?

ANSWER: We know that this is a concern for both the remote and hybrid learning models. We will continue to work with our community partners and families to see how we can support childcare options for families

QUESTION 3: What will class sizes be in hybrid learning?

ANSWER: Daily teacher caseloads will remain the same, but the number of students in class for on-site learning each day will be reduced. On average, 14-18 students can be in a classroom at one time and maintain six-foot distancing. Specific number will vary by classroom and school. 

QUESTION 4: Is Wednesday the set day for teacher training and professional development where all students are remote learning?

ANSWER: The plan is for Wednesday to be that day.

QUESTION 5: How will breakfast and lunch be handled?  Will they still be offered to students at home on the at-home days?

ANSWER: We are developing plans to provide meal service during remote or hybrid learning (for both on-site and at-home days).

QUESTION 6: How will substitute teachers be handed this year for sick staff members?

ANSWER: These plans are in development.