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October 14, 2020

Hybrid Learning Update

Hybrid Learning* 

Updated on Jan. 14, 2021

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Updated on Jan. 14, 2021

Middle and High School Hybrid Learning Update

The KSD Board of Directors met last night to consider the new recommendation from Benton-Franklin Health District (BFHD). On Jan. 12, BFHD updated their recommendation to state, “For those districts who currently have returned elementary aged children to the classroom, phased transition of secondary students can begin as early as Jan. 25, 2021.”

The Board voted to update the planned start day for middle and high students. Middle school students will now begin hybrid learning on Jan. 25 and high school students will begin hybrid learning on Feb. 2. 

We are excited to safely welcome our students back to schools for in-person, hybrid learning. Additional details about the middle and high school hybrid models are below, and more details about your student’s specific schedule will be communicated by individual schools. 

Middle and High School Hybrid Schedules 

Middle and high schools will follow a hybrid “AA/BB” schedule. Students are assigned to either the A or B schedule. Student schedules may be found by signing into PowerSchool and looking on the right side of the Grades and Attendance page where it states, "Hybrid Schedule."

All students will have teacher contact time either in-person or through Zoom four days per week. 

Additional information about hybrid learning schedules:

Middle and High School Hybrid Learning Schedules

Remote Learning

We realize that there are some families who prefer to keep their child at home and continue remote learning and this will continue to be an option for families for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year. Students may remain enrolled in their current classes with their current teachers, but it will be asynchronous instruction (no live Zoom classes). Students in remote learning will have the opportunity for teacher contact through 15-20 minute Zoom check-ins with teachers in the afternoons four days per week.

If your child will be staying in remote learning, please notify your school principal.

KSD Online Learning Academy

Students may enroll in the KSD Online Learning Academy, a fully web-based education program for students in grades K-12.

The KSD Online Learning Academy is centered around computer-based instruction and individual learning rather than the classroom-based instruction of remote learning.  It differs from remote learning in that the instruction is independent rather than teacher-provided and there are not regularly scheduled remote classes led by a teacher.

If parents would like to enroll in KSD Online Learning Academy, register online by Jan. 25 in order to begin the semester by Feb. 2.

If your child has an Individual Educational Program (IEP) and you intend to enroll in the online academy, please contact your child’s case manager to schedule an IEP meeting to discuss this option. 

Watch an informational video and register:

Free School Meals

All students will be provided a free breakfast when they arrive at school and a free lunch to take home. Meals will be served as “grab and go” style.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

In-room cleaning and sanitizing will occur between classes each day. On Wednesdays, an asynchronous learning day for all students, a deep cleaning will occur between “A” and “B” student cohorts. 

Remote Learning Assistance 

In-person Remote Learning Assistance will no longer be offered in middle and high schools once hybrid learning begins. 

Special Education Students

If your child is currently attending a special education program four days per week, you will continue with your current schedule.

Health & Safety Requirements

Parents/guardians must complete a Monthly Verification/Agreement to Conduct Health Screenings/Attestations. Daily COVID-19 health screenings/attestations will be required for all students returning for in-person learning. Wearing face coverings and 6-foot distancing is also a requirement. Read KSD’s Health & Safety Requirements for more information.

All middle and high schools students returning for in-person learning must have current immunizations on record with the school. Any students with life-threatening or other medical conditions must complete the required Health Plan and Medication Forms before starting in-person learning. Please check with your school nurse if you have questions.


Head to our Transportation Department page for information on bus routes.

Updated on Dec. 18, 2020

School Health and Safety Update

As requested by the school board, a third-party safety assessment of elementary schools was recently conducted by NV5 Dade Moeller to ensure that COVID-19 safety recommendations and guidelines for the safe operations of schools from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Washington State Department of Health (WDOH) and the Benton-Franklin Health District (BFHD) are fully implemented. 

The assessment found that Kennewick School District cleaning, training and other operational protocols are consistent with the health department guidance. 

NV5 Dade Moeller’s review indicates, “the Kennewick School District has implemented the health agency guidance and has adequately implemented the controls and protocols to continue in-person learning in a safe and healthy environment. We were impressed by the ownership of the principals and their staff.”

Through the process of visiting each elementary in the district to assess implementation of safety protocols, NV5 Dade Moeller made observations and provided additional recommendations to increase the safety of students and staff, including: 

  • Classroom Set-Up. All desks should face the same direction.

  • Small Group Instruction. When 6-foot distancing is not possible, additional PPE such as face shields with drapes, and plexiglass shields will be used where possible.

  • Student Arrival and Release. Schools will continue to remind parents to wear masks and stand 6 feet apart from each other while dropping off and picking up their children on school and district property.

  • Recess. Masks should be worn during recess unless students are playing independently away from other students. This will allow the students to be active and still maintain a level of protection.

  • Staff Areas. Only individually wrapped treats will be made available in staff rooms/lounges.

These recommendations have been shared with school principals and will be implemented when we resume school in January. The safety of students and staff will continue to be our highest priority and we will continue to seek ways to increase safety wherever possible.

Updated on Dec. 11, 2020

Inclement Weather Information

We want to update families on our plans for school in the event of inclement weather this winter.

Two-Hour Late Start 

If it is necessary to call a late start day due to weather, all elementary, middle and high school (including Tri-Tech Skills Center and KSD Online Learning Academy) students will follow the late start schedule for that day. 

  • Morning preschool and ECEAP will be cancelled.

  • Buses transporting elementary students who are attending classes on-site as part of hybrid learning that day will run two hours late.

  • Buses transporting students in grades 6-12 attending in-person for remote learning support will run two hours late.

  • Buses transporting special education students in grades 6-12 will run two hours late.

  • Students in grades 6-12 in remote learning will follow a two-hour late start schedule. This will allow students receiving on-site service to arrive safety to school before classes begin. 

  • School breakfast is cancelled. School lunch and Wednesday pre-order meal kit pick-up times are unchanged.

  • Delta High School students follow any changes made by Pasco School District.

No School Day

If it is necessary to cancel school due to weather, there will be no school for all preschool, elementary, middle and high school (including Tri-Tech Skills Center and KSD Online Academy) students. On-site and remote learning will be cancelled for all students. 

Pre-order meal kit pick-up will be cancelled if the school closure happens on a Wednesday.

Weather delay and closure decisions are typically made with a few hours’ notice. Given operational logistics and contractual considerations, it is not feasible to have a school day count toward our required 180 days for middle and high school students and not elementary students. Shifting to remote learning for elementary students on short notice is also not feasible, as staff do not have time to adequately prepare for a remote learning day.

The current school calendar has two snow make-up days included if needed. If the district exceeds those two days, up to two additional days could be added to the end of the school year without affecting the current graduation date. 

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we work through these unique scenarios and circumstances.