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October 28, 2019

Meet Our Community Partner of the Year

We're celebrating the Hispanic Academic Achievers Program, or HAAP, as our Community Partner of the Year!

The nonprofit, which provides scholarships and inspiration to Hispanic students in Kennewick and throughout the Tri-Cities, recently visited the Kennewick School Board to pick up the award. The HAAP officials on hand included Ruben and Gloria Lemos, Sue Frost, Diana Perez-Carrillo and Uby Creek.

HAAP has helped 150 students from the Kennewick School District with higher education costs through scholarships since it started in 1989.

Those scholarships have totaled more than $300,000.

The group also has given thousands more in scholarships to students in other Tri-City area districts – all of this work done by an all-volunteer board.

Thank you for all you do, HAAP!