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October 8, 2020

Meet Our New Student School Board Representative

Meet our new student representative to the Kennewick School Board!

Long Doan is a senior at Southridge High School. He'll take part in school board meetings this year, acting as a resource to the board.

Long is involved in ASB, Knowledge Bowl and Science Bowl at Southridge, and he also tutors after school. 

He wanted to become a student representative to the school board "to make sure the ideas and concerns of low-income families, as well as families whose first language isn't English, were being brought up in discussions, especially during these times," he said. "Growing up, I know the challenges they face in the school system and how they're sometimes overlooked, so I just want to make sure everyone in KSD has a voice."

One of Long's goals this year is to effectively communicate the ideas and concerns he hears from classmates and community members to the board. "I know a lot of students have good ideas, but they are afraid to share them, and I want to actively encourage them to share," he said. "I already had a peer of mine share an idea to me that they really wanted to be implemented, and I hope others are willing to as well."