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October 14, 2020

Meet Some of our Amazing Teachers

We're gearing up for hybrid learning, which starts Oct. 19 for elementary school students and Nov. 2 for middle and high schoolers. 

We want to introduce you to some of the amazing teachers who've been working hard to educate, engage and connect with students during this unusual year. 

Jillian Finkbeiner

Jillian Finkbeiner, who's on the fourth grade team at Sage Crest Elementary. Ms. Finkbeiner, who holds National Board Certification (MCGen NBCT 2011), is known for her passion, her skill, her positivity and her technological savvy.

She's also known for a special lesson she teaches. Each year, her fourth-graders learn about the importance of grit  – of having courage and resolve – and they identify people in their lives who are Grit Heroes.

Watch as Ms. Finkbeiner explains the lesson and talks about her own very special Grit Hero.

Daniela Medina

Daniela Medina, a one-way dual language teacher at  Eastgate Elementary School uses something called "Whole Brain Teaching" to make sure her students are engaged and retaining what they've learned.

Watch as she delights a class of first-graders over Zoom. And learn the special connection she has to the school where she's now a dedicated teacher.