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School-Based Therapy

Kennewick School District partners with Comprehensive Healthcare to provide school-based therapy to students on a referral basis. Please note that this service will be provided until the end of the 2023-24 school year.

Services Provided

School-based therapists provide the following services:

  • Access to in-person or tele mental health therapy for students who are struggling
  • Mental health assessments
  • Individual mental health therapy in the school setting
  • Case management and referrals as needed
  • Education for students and staff
  • Crisis support for students and families

Referral  Process

  1. Referral Requested - Teachers, staff and parents/guardians may express concern for a student and request a referral. Students may also self-refer.
  2. Referral Form Completed - A referral form is completed with as much information as possible.
  3. School Counselor or Principal Notified - Referral forms are screened by school counselors or administrators to ensure they are appropriate. 
  4. Student Notified - Students are notified about the referral.
  5. Tiered Referrals -  Tiered referrals may occur based on the severity or reported  mental health concerns indicated by the student's ability to function at school, socially and/or at home.


Comprehensive Healthcare provides tele-therapy provided by WebEx in a designated space inside the school for students to access from their own device. A designated staff person is available to assist students by coordinating access to services and helping to setup their device.

School-Based Therapist LOCATIONS

High Schools:

Kamiakin High School - (509) 222-7000
Kennewick High School - (509) 222-7100
Southridge High School - (509) 222-7200
Legacy High School / Phoenix High School  - (509) 222-6552 or (509) 222-7400

Middle Schools:

Chinook Middle School - (509) 222-7500
Desert Hills Middle School - (509) 222-6600
Highlands Middle School - (509) 222-6700
Horse Heaven Hills Middle School - (509) 222-6800
Park Middle School - (509) 222-6900


Frequently Asked Questions