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Transitional Kindergarten Students Graduate!

Watch out kindergarten, here they come!

Nearly 30 students participated in our new transitional kindergarten program this year. The program is for priority-based students who turn 5 years old after Sept. 1 and who aren't already part of a preschool program.

It aims to ensure they're ready for kindergarten by offering academic instruction, plus help with social skills, independence and more.

The program started in January 2022, with 15 students at Amistad Elementary and 14 students at Washington Elementary.

The photos below are from Washington Elementary's transitional kindergarten graduation celebration in June.

A student holds a certificate during transitional kindergarten graduation at Washington Elementary.
Transitional Kindergarten students at Washington Elementary School on June 14, 2022
Parents at Transitional Kindergarten Graduation 2022 on June 14, 2022
Student at Transitional Kindergarten graduation on June 14, 2022
Teacher Sierra Hogg at the transitional kindergarten graduation on June 14, 2022