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Going the Distance at Sage Crest Elementary

A student spitting a cherry pit as part of a lesson on measurement

What a creative – and tasty – way to practice measuring distance!

Incoming fifth-graders in Megan Palmer's summer school class at Sage Crest Elementary have been learning to record data using the metric system.

They put their knowledge to the test recently by eating and spitting cherry pits and then measuring how far the pits traveled in meters and centimeters.

Randy Hamon, the summer school principal, says the students were engaged and diligent about taking accurate measurements.

"One of the students, when asked, told me that their cherry pit spitting skills have improved over the five trials. The greatest distance was 8 meters and 48 centimeters," Hamon said. "Great job, Megan and students of Sage Crest!"

More than 3,000 students participated in summer school in the Kennewick School District. Most programs wrapped up on July 14.

For students in preschool through eighth grade, summer school focused on engaging, hands-on STEAM learning. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, the arts and math.

For high schoolers, the focus was in credit recovery, extra help in math and enrichment opportunities.

Sage Crest students eating cherry pits as part of a lesson on measurement


A teacher holding supplies for a lesson on measurement


A student learning over a yardstick


Students outside with their teacher during a lesson on measurement


Two students smiling outside during a lesson on measurement