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Honoring Our Retirees

Honoring Our Retirees

Congratulations to all our 2022-23 retirees!

These staff members have made a difference for our students, families and the community as a whole, and we're grateful.

In honor of our retiring staff, a celebration will be held at 4:30 P.M. on May 17, 2023 at the administration center located at 1000 W 4th Avenue, Kennewick. We welcome the public to attend this event as we look forward to celebrating the years of service and dedication they have given to the KSD.

An asterisk (*) means they will be attending our retirement reception Wednesday May 17, 2023 at the KSD Administration Center.


  • Kate Armitage, Coordinator
  • Carrie Armstrong, Teacher
  • Mike Baker, Teacher
  • Bethann Barnes, Teacher
  • Karen Bennett, Teacher 
  • Karla Black, Paraeducator*
  • Rebecca Blanc, Teacher
  • Teresa Brown, Paraeducator      
  • Cindy Charboneau, Teacher
  • Donna Collins, Paraeducator
  • Brenda Coomes, Teacher
  • Kristen Daugs, Teacher
  • Peggi Doggett, Teacher
  • Robin Duncan, Librairian
  • Valerie Feth, Teacher
  • Alma Garcia, Secretary
  • James Garner, Bus Driver
  • Ronda Garvin, Secretary    
  • Peggy Harris, Secretary
  • Nancy Hilmes, Secretary
  • Carolyn Hoeft,  Paraeducator
  • Kim Holte, Teacher
  • Shirley Jackson, Secretary*
  • Margaret Jackson, Paraeducator
  • Dennis Larsen, Teacher*
  • Laureen Larson, Paraeducator
  • Ronda Lauderdale, Teacher
  • Linda McCalmant, Teacher
  • Lori McCord, Principal*
  • Laraine McHenry, Bus Driver
  • George Lily, Bus Driver
  • Carla Miller, Paraeducator
  • Craig Miller, Principal *
  • Jamie Nealy, Paraeducator
  • David Ohlemeier, Teacher*
  • Karin Oney, Bus Driver
  • Peggy Pattison, Custodian
  • Mike Picicci, Lead Custodian
  • Kevin Pierce, Director of Learning Programs and Supports
  • Rob Phillips, Assistant Superintendent*
  • Dan Price, Teacher*
  • Lori Quinn, Teacher*
  • Steven Shockley, Lead Custodian
  • Jodi Schupp, Pareducator
  • Linda Teynor, Teacher
  • Edward Upton, Lead Custodian
  • Karina Wilkinson, K-12 Secretary
  • Andy Woehler, Principal
  • Colleen Yahyaoui, Teacher