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Kamiakin High School Gym Naming Survey

Kamiakin High School Gym Naming

At the request of the school district administration and community members, the Kennewick School District Board of Directors has authorized the district to initiate the naming process of the Kamiakin High School gym.

The district is seeking suggestions for names that are deserving of recognition from the community. When submitting your idea, please include your rationale for your recommendation. All community members are welcome to participate. The deadline is Oct. 21.

Submit your recommended name and rationale here: (UPDATE on Oct. 22: The form is now closed).

A naming committee for the gym, made up of students, parents, staff and community members, will review the submissions, consider the rationale behind them and make recommendations to the school board at the Nov. 17 board meeting. The board may select from the list of names or choose another name for the gym.