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Student Artwork Featured on Ben Franklin Transit Bus

Ben Franklin Transit bus featuring student artwork

Keep an eye out for a Ben Franklin Transit (BFT) bus covered – literally – in student artwork!

Two Kamiakin High School students have original art displayed on the outside of the bus, and several more high schoolers from our district have pieces inside.

The artwork was submitted as part of BFT's annual art contest. This year's theme was, "bridging our past with our future."

Kamiakin students Paul Erickson and Cuin Reagan placed second and third in the contest, respectively, and have their pieces displayed as a wrap on the side of the bus, along with first place winner Zaydean Valdez from River View High School in Finley.

Paul, a sophomore, said he was inspired by steampunk and the bright colors of the 1980s in creating his design. Cuin, a junior, said she took inspiration from historic downtown Kennewick.

Leah Kennedy is Paul and Cuin's art teacher. 

About 150 students from 15 schools in the area entered the contest.

The top 25 finishers have their work featured inside, including the following Kennewick School District students:

  • Abbi Ferguson, Southridge High School
  • Ariana Ordaz, Kennewick High School
  • Colton Starke, Kamiakin High School
  • Emma Laws, Kamiakin High School
  • Hannah Jolie Selland, Kamiakin High School
  • Jayden Sandoval, Kennewick High School
  • Kaylee Czirr, Kamiakin High School
  • Madison Oakley, Kamiakin High School
  • Maya Connors, Southridge High School
  • Morgan Madder, Kamiakin High School
  • Natalia Lopez Acosta, Southridge High School
  • Natalie McAnninch, Kamiakin High School
  • Noah Wallace, Kamiakin High School
  • Reynaldo Cornejo, Kamiakin High School

More information:

Kamiakin student Paul Erickson in front of his artwork
Kamiakin student Cuin Reagan in front of her artwork