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Kamiakin Teacher Earns Prestigious Grant

Allison Winward

A Kamiakin High School science teacher has been awarded a prestigious $10,000 grant through the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust!

Allison Winward is using the Partners in Science Supplemental Program grant to develop hands-on ecology activities for her students. The activities touch on species interactions between plants and mycorrhizal fungi, native versus disturbed habitat profiles, ecosystem restoration, local ethnobotany, wildfires, and climate change. 

Students will make observations, develop hypotheses, design and carry out research plans, gather and analyze data, and draw conclusions based on evidence and reasoning.

Winward became part of the Partners in Science program in 2019. The program pairs high school science teachers with mentors doing laboratory research, with the goal of helping “teachers bring knowledge from the research lab directly into the classroom to promote hands-on science education,” the program website says. Winward was paired with Dr. Tanya Cheeke from Washington State University, and she’s building off that work and partnership in creating the hands-on ecology activities.