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Lincoln Elementary Celebrates Walktober

Lincoln families walk to school during Walktober Event

The Walktober tradition continues!

Students, families and staff at Lincoln Elementary School met up before the bell on Friday, Oct. 28, to walk to school together. Some were dressed in flannels and other fall or farm-themed clothing because of a spirit day at the school.

Kennewick Police Department officers were on hand, giving out stickers and high-fives and making sure the walkers were safe. Lincoln's safety patrol also stood watch, and the school's mascot paid a visit!

Walktober promotes the benefits of walking to school. The event was organized by Lincoln's Action Team for Partnerships, or ATP.

Three students talk while walking to school during the Lincoln Walktober 2022 event


A safety patrol member helps during Lincoln's Walktober event


Two students hug a teacher during Lincoln's Walktober event


An adult points to a Kennewick police officer's badge


Lincoln's mascot poses with a student during Walktober