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Park Middle School Teacher to Receive Governor’s Lifesaving Award

Dwane Sitler hold an AED device in the gym at Park Middle School.

The Park Middle School teacher who saved a student's life during class is being honored by Gov. Jay Inslee for his heroic actions.

Dwane Sitler is set to receive a Governor’s Lifesaving Award at a ceremony on Sept. 28 in Tacoma.

The award is given annually to workers in the state who have gone above and beyond in saving a life while at work.

Sitler, who teaches P.E. at Park and serves as the school's athletic director, used an automated external defibrillator, or AED, to revive a student who collapsed during P.E.

The student had just run a mile on the track and became unconscious and unresponsive.

"We tried waking the student up, we tried checking for a pulse and all that," Sitler recalled after the incident. "I said, 'I'm going to get the AED,'" which was about 30 feet away in the field shed.

The AED delivered a shock and the student immediately woke up. The student was treated at a hospital and fully recovered.

Sitler credited all the Park staff members who jumped in to help and activate the school's emergency response procedures.

"Everyone was in the right place at the right time," he's said.

All district facilities have at least one AED device on site for use during the school day and by community groups renting the spaces after hours. Park has three devices in various places, including one outside in the field shed.