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Priscila Rodriguez - Kennewick High School

Priscila Rodriguez is part of the welcome committee at Kennewick High School, which means that she helps greet new students.

She introduces herself and shows them around. She's a friendly face in a sea of new people. She's perfect for the role.

"One thing people know about me is that I love communicating with others. If I'm introduced to a new person, I get along with them really well. I make friends with them very quickly," she said.

Priscila is excited to graduate with her class this week. But, it's also bittersweet because she's loved her time at Kennewick High, where she worked at the school coffee shop and was part of the track team and choir, in addition to her welcome committee duties.

She's planning to attend college or trade school after graduation. While she's still figuring out exactly what her future will look like, she does know this for sure: "I want to be a happy person," she said.

It's a safe bet she'll continue to be a friendly, caring one. 

Here's her advice to others, gleaned from her time making Kennewick High a warmer and more welcoming place: "If you ever have the chance to meet new people, walk up to them, talk to them, ask them what their name is," she said. "Try to be nice, polite and show them that you care about them."