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Submit Your Idea For A New Legacy High Mascot

Kennewick School District is seeking ideas for a new mascot to replace the current "Thunderbird" mascot. The deadline for submitting ideas is Wednesday, Dec. 1. 

Submit your mascot name idea here:

Community members are welcome to submit more than one idea using separate forms. This is not a voting form and this form is for the purpose of gathering new mascot ideas. 

Why is the district seeking ideas for a new mascot for Legacy High School?
Substitute House Bill 1356, passed by the Washington State Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee in April 2021, prohibits the use of Native American names, symbols or images as public school mascots, logos or team names beginning Jan. 1, 2022. The law requires school districts to engage in formal consultation with the nearest federally recognized tribes to ensure that their Native mascots actually honor the Native American community. If the tribes give authorization, the school can keep its mascot. If not, the school is required to change its mascot.

Our district has engaged with the Yakama Nation in initial consultation. A representative from the Yakama Nation indicated that the Tribal Council does not feel that it is within their purview to authorize continued use of the Legacy High School mascot and image, since the “Thunderbird” is connected to coastal tribes. For this reason, Legacy High School will begin the process of renaming its mascot by forming a mascot naming committee and seeking suggestions from the community  to replace the mascot. Recommendations for a new mascot will be presented to the school board at the Dec. 8 meeting. 

What school district policy and procedure guide the mascot selection process?
Policy 9250 School Facilities: Naming of School District Facilities: 
Regulation 9250 School Facilities: Naming of School District Facilities: